Do You Believe In Magic?

2018 NWC Ladies Night Out Annual FUNDraiser

The Boston Winery

03/22/2018 7:00pm

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Celebrating 50 years


The Women’s Club of Norwell host activities and fundraisers throughout the year to support local charities, organizations and individuals.

Our club is a diverse group of dedicated and dynamic women who encourage a spirit of goodwill and cooperation in all affairs pertaining to the welfare and betterment of our community.

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Our membership dues help towards our scholarship fund for graduating seniors and other great causes, please consider joining us!

Upcoming Events


11/08/2017 Women’s Night Out
12/01/17 Holiday Luncheon Norwell Gardens
2/03/17 Holiday on the Commons
12/13/17 NWC Annual Holiday Party and Yankee Swap

02/15/18 Women’s Night Out on a Thursday
03/14/18 Women’s Night Out
03/22/2018:Do You Believe In Magic? 2018  NWC Ladies Night Out Annual FUNDraiser
04/11/18 Women’s Night Out
04/30/2018: Annual Full Member Meeting – Vote on next Board
2018-2020; and any other business. We will also report on all
monies raised, to date.
05/09/18 Women’s Night Out
05/10/2018: Mother’s Day Tea for Norwell Council on Aging
06/13/18 Women’s Night Out
07/11/18 Women’s Night Out
08/08/18 Women’s Night Out

The second Wednesday of each month we like to get together, usually at someone’s home, to chat, have some laughs, perhaps enjoy some food and/or refreshments. We are reaching out to ALL of the women in the community and truly want to include everyone and make sure everyone feels welcome- maybe you’re new to Norwell, or longtime resident, new business in town, or established business, perhaps seek advice, seek new friendships, rekindle old ones, make work contacts, laugh, or cry, etc. It is not designed for a few or for many – it is for whoever can make it! Our goal is to simply bring people together & have some fun…nothing formal, no cliques, no heavy lifting for the host. Feel free to pop in and see what we’re about.

Bring anything from a bottle of wine/other refreshment to a little app/something sweet…or if you’re in a hurry $5 works too!

We look forward to seeing you!

High School Seniors attending private schools

NORWELL WOMEN’S CLUB 2018 seeks High school seniors attending private schools  NOTE: This process is ONLY for private school seniors NOT NHS seniors..they submit through their guidance process. The Women’s Club of Norwell was established in 1959. As part of our...

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Annual Holiday-Christmas Party on December 13, 2017

Home of Poppy Troupe 48 Fords Xing 7:00PM. All women are welcome. We hope if you are not a member, that you will come to the party to meet members, join our very fun Yankee Swap, and hopefully, sign-up to become a member. Michelle McCabe and Jill O'Loughlin will be...

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May Chatter

A Note From Our President: Abby Gray: Dear NWC Members: Happy May, Ladies! I certainly hope that April’s Showers will bring May Flowers!  This month’s CHATTER contains some helpful updates, notes and announcements. We are also continually working...

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