Our Committees

Committees provide the opportunity for members to become involved in the Women’s Club. Each committee shall have at least one designated chairperson. Each chairperson/committee shall be responsible to supply her successor and/or the club Secretary a detailed event information file by the end of the club year. Committee chairpersons should endeavor to recruit the next year’s event chairpersons from their current committees and/or encourage potential members to carry on their seats upon leaving such committees.

Current Committees

Chatter prepares the monthly newsletter, which keeps members informed about upcoming events, as well as matters discussed at the previous month’s meeting. With approval from the Executive Board and space permitting, the Chatter will sometimes list other local organizations’ events.

Community Outreach provides both scheduled and “as needed” help to individuals and groups in the community.

The specific activities vary from year to year. Activities include, but are not limited to, baking monthly for the Norwell Knoll Nursing Home, hosting an annual holiday luncheon for Norwell Gardens, participating in the Norwell Food Pantry’s “Adopt-a-Family” holiday gift program, decorating a tree for the South Shore Hospice Festival of Trees, assisting the Norwell VNA with programs and donating auction items to other charities such as the Evan’s Run.

Hospitality provides for refreshments to be served at the monthly meetings and plans the Annual Banquet held in May or June.

Membership supplies information to prospective members, accepts applications and collects dues in addition to overseeing the preparation and distribution of the annual Yearbook. Membership is also responsible to keep member information updated and ensure inclusion in Yearbook, and to provide nametags and attendance sign-in at all general meetings. This committee helps make new and potential new members feel welcome.

Publicity serves as a liaison between the club and the local media. This committee shall contact all event committee chairpersons to ensure publicity needs are met in a timely fashion. Such committee is responsible for informing local media (Norwell Mariner, Norwell-Hanover Cable TV channel, and The Patriot Ledger, when appropriate) of upcoming events/times.

Remembrance sends cards and other expressions of congratulations, gratitude and/or condolence to members and their families at appropriate times. It is also responsible to oversee our “Baby books” donations to the Norwell Public Library in honor of existing members’ new arrivals.

Scholarship Committee shall lead the club in establishing selection criteria for scholarships to any Norwell resident graduating from high school who plans to further his/her education. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, soliciting applications, forming a selection committee from the membership each spring and ensuring adherence to selection guidelines established by club members.

Scrapbook Committee shall maintain a scrapbook of photos, news clippings and other mementos of club events. This committee is responsible to designate a club member to take photographs at each event.

Youth Dance Committee schedules dances, provides refreshments, organizes chaperones and coordinates the police, DJ and janitor detail for dances sponsored by the club for 7th and 8th graders living in Norwell.