Constitution & By-Laws

of The Women’s Club of Norwell, Inc.

Article I     Name:

The name of the organization shall be The Women’s Club of Norwell, Inc. Established 1959.

Article II     Object:

A. The object of the Women’s Club of Norwell, Inc. shall be philanthropic, educational and social.  Funds raised will be used to provide financial support primarily to local, non-profit organizations; scheduled and “as needed” help to individuals and groups in the community such as families or individuals struggling with illness, loss or other challenges; scholarships for high school graduates for higher education; and remembrance and support for club members at appropriate times, in each case as voted on by a majority of club members at a monthly meeting or decided by the President in consultation with the other board members, as detailed in Articles IV and VI of these by-laws.  Said purpose is in accordance with the requirements of tax exempt, not-for-profit organizations.

B. Club Year shall run September through June.

Article III   Members:

A. Eligibility for membership requires only that the applicant be a resident of Norwell over 18 years old.

B. Dues shall be determined each year by a majority club vote in the spring for the following year.  Members whose dues have not been paid by November 30 will be considered to have resigned and will not be listed in the Membership section of the annual Yearbook. New members joining in March-June shall only be required to pay 60% of the regular membership dues to join for the rest of that club year.  Renewing members must pay the full membership dues at any time they renew during the year.

C. Membership Responsibilities and Benefits:

1) Participate in monthly meetings

2) Participate in fundraising events including, but not limited to:

a) supporting events through participation and/or donations.

b) chaperoning (or arranging for another adult) at least one youth dance per year.

c) assisting in at least one event per year.

3) Have opportunities to support members of the community through the Club’s Community Outreach activities.

4) Participate in the Club’s decisions about donating the funds it raises.

5) Receive the monthly newsletter, “The Chatter.”

6) Receive a copy of the Yearbook, containing the By-Laws, Membership List and club calendar, which is produced and distributed in February of each club year.  The Yearbook is solely for the use of club members and is not to be supplied to any outside entity or person.

Article IV     Officers and Board

A. Officers & Executive Board:  The Officers of the Women’s Club of Norwell, Inc., elected annually by June, shall include President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Together with immediate past Presidents, they shall constitute the Executive Board for the following club year.

B. Budget:  A budget shall be prepared by the Executive Board for each fiscal year and presented for member approval by a majority vote in September.

C. President:  The President shall be the official representative of the club and have full authority to act in the name of the club (in consultation with other board members) when time constraints require a decision prior to the next monthly club meeting.  The President shall preside at all monthly meetings and Executive Board meetings.  She shall prepare a written agenda for all general and board meetings.  She shall oversee all club activities.

D. Vice President:  The Vice President shall assist the President and preside in the absence of the President at general and board meetings.  She will assist the President in the oversight of all activities. She shall also be the chairperson for the Donations Committee.

E. Secretary:: The Secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of all meetings and oversee the preparation of the Chatter.   She shall collect/store detailed event information provided by existing chairpersons at year’s end.   If unavailable to attend a general or board meeting, the secretary shall delegate such responsibilities to another member.

F. Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall pay all bills; have charge of the accounts, deposits and signing of checks.  She shall maintain our Liability Insurance.  She shall present a monthly financial report at each general and board meeting.   She shall be responsible to store and keep the cash box and ensure the availability of adequate change for appropriate events.  She shall delegate such responsibilities to another member if unavailable to attend a general or board meeting or event

G. President-Elect: The President Elect shall follow the current president to learn what her role will be the following year.  She will receive updates on all activities.  The current President will provide agendas and schedules to the President-Elect throughout the year.  The President-Elect will be in place to provide for a smooth transition and will be elected annually by the club.

Article V     Meetings:

A. General meetings of the Women’s Club of Norwell shall be held on a monthly basis, from September to June, as decided by the Executive Board.

B. The May meeting shall be deemed the club’s “Donations Meeting,” at which club members will determine (by majority vote after discussion) where the majority of the funds raised during that year will be allocated.

Article VI     Donations:

A. A Donations Committee will be formed for each club year, to be chaired by the Vice President.

B. All requests for donations will be funneled through this committee, which will present such requests and their recommendations thereon to the club for a majority vote at a monthly meeting.  Although the club will consider donation requests at any monthly meeting during the year, the club will postpone as many such decisions as possible until the May Donations Meeting so as to have the benefit of knowing how much money has been raised before making the majority of the club’s annual donations.  In the event the club receives off cycle requests for donations that must be addressed before the May meeting, the Donations Committee and the Executive Board will have the authority to approve such donations in the amounts of $500 or less by a simple majority vote of the combined committees.

C. The Donations Committee will deliver their recommendation to the full membership two weeks before the May meeting for feedback prior to the meeting.  Final Donations Committee recommendations will be presented by the chairperson (or her delegate) for a membership vote at the May meeting.

Article VII     Nominations:

The Executive Board, in conjunction with existing chairpersons, shall appoint or seek volunteers for board and chair seats for the upcoming year beginning in February.  Nominations should be finalized and voted on by members (by majority vote) no later than June.

Article VIII     Committees

A. Committees shall be established and do such work as directed by the Executive Board.

B. All officers and committee chairpersons shall provide information in the spring to their successors for the following year.  Written information shall be given to the next chairperson and/or the club Secretary for safekeeping.