A Note From Our President:
Abby Gray: gray.abby@gmail.com

Dear NWC Members:

Happy May, Ladies! I certainly hope that April’s Showers will bring May Flowers!  This month’s CHATTER contains some helpful updates, notes and announcements. We are also continually working on our sponsorship packages and updating sections of our website. We’ll update you on our progress. We have a lot to cover this month, so please read through CHATTER to find out all the news.

Make sure you sign up to help volunteer for Norwell SummerFest!  Check out the new direction that Member, Lisa Commesso, is headed in this Fall; Feel good about the money that we all have raised and donated to local organizations. Know that our Membership Chairs work diligently to grow our group – and engage with new people moving into town. Please invite new folks or old friends to our Women’s Night Out monthly gatherings. They are fun evenings and have been quite positive, interesting, and enjoyable.

Liz, Nancy, Reiko and Abby

On April 11, we held a Member’s Meeting at The James Library. We voted on the Donations Committee’s Recommendations (which are listed in CHATTER) and talked about ideas for other fun events and fundraisers. We like the idea of a couples event and a road race. Please email me at gray.abby@gmail.com if you are interested in leading one of these efforts.

We also had a moment to pause and THANK Past President, Reiko Beach, for all of her dedication and amazing workshe has done for NWC.  I cannot say
enough about her work, her integrity, and her kindness in showing me the ropes.Together with Liz McCarron and Nancy Bailey (both past Presidents), and Susie Scheller, we presented Reiko with an engraved vase and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was a special moment during the evening.

We also had the pleasure of recognizing two other women for their amazing efforts this year on behalf of all of us!  Susie Scheller, Membership Co-Chair, deserves the love for her total commitment to the membership committee, every event or meeting, and her enthusiasm for everything NWC. We recognized Diana V. Smith as a Rising Star!  Taking on the Chairwomanship of “Women’s Night Out” and generally, jumping into all things for our club! Diana does everything with a smile on her face and a great deal of positive energy. We are lucky to have these two women committed to our efforts. THANK YOU!

Lastly, we need your help!  We are running the Mother’s Day Tea for the Council on Aging, May 17, 2017 @ 12:30 PM at the Norwell Council on Aging. Look for a SIGN-UP Genius Email this week to help us create a perfect luncheon for our local gals. We have the Tea sorted out. We are asking for TEA Sandwiches and Desserts. J  The Norwell Council on Aging Is located at 293 Pine Street, Norwell, MA. All of the details will be in the sign-up genius, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me directly:  gray.abby@gmail.com

Look for another email soon about the SUMMER PARTY!

Thank you for all that you do. I love this quote by Elizabeth Andrew: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have heart”.  How true of our wonderful group of women. Hope to see you at Women’s Night Out or the Mother’s Day Tea set-up.

Abby Gray

*Updates from Various Committees for your Information:

From the Donations Committee, Chair: Susan Davis (susanbrowning@gmail.com)
Norwell Women’s Club 2017 Donation Allocation Determination:
Voted on and Approved at the Annual Norwell Women’s Club Meeting on 4/11/17

Grant Requests  Requested  (top number) and Recommended & Approved Donation Amount (2nd Number listed under each request):

The James Library & Center for the Arts

North and South Rivers Watershed Association
Exploring opportunity to host a summer LNO Wednesday evening at a house on the river and invite this org to educate the group/fundraise

Norwell Farms Nonprofit Community Farm
Summer camp scholarships, will indicate we’d like these to go to Norwell families

Simple Gesture – Norwell

Cancer Support Community-MA South Shore
Pursuing an AMP corporate sponsorship opportunity

Norwell High School’s Robotics Team 348
$250.00 requested
Would like to identify NWC member to champion this and see if we can do some fundraising/support them outside of the grant process


Scholarships to Norwell High Schoolers (not limited to NHS)
$3,000.00 (Now with Scholarship Committee).

Remaining balance

*Mid-year donation to Norwell Clippers in Jack Kenney’s honor $250

From Diana V. Smith – Chairperson, Women’s Night Out”  – 5/10/2017
Diana can be reached via email:  diana.v.smith@ampf.com

We’d like to invite you to “Women’s Night Out” held on the second Wednesday of each month, which is next week on May 10th. Our desire, in this instance, is to reach out to all of the women in the community to come out once a month, schedule permitting, to meet new faces, bring a friend, seek advice, seek new friendships, rekindle old ones, make work contacts, laugh, or cry, etc. ​It is not designed for a few or for many – it is for whomever can make it!

Each month, someone graciously opens their home or business to us all. Abby Gray borrowed this idea from her former community – and it worked so well, we thought we’d try it here. We kindly request that you bring a bottle of wine or another refreshment; and $5.00 for the host. The ONLY reason for the $5.00 is to cover the cost of the snacks, pizza or “whatever” the host wants to serve. It helps those who maybe didn’t budget for a group and just keeps things real for the rest. There is no other motive but to socialize, network, and gather.

This month’s ‘Women’s Night Out’ will be next week, Wednesday May 10th at 7pm, hosted by our amazing president Abby Gray at 156 Norwell Ave in Norwell.

From Membership Chairs Susie Scheller and Sarah Puleo:
Susie Scheller: trilogyusa@msn.com
Sarah Puleo: sarah.puleo@gmail.com

NWC Membership Committee will be reaching out to past members who, though unable to take part in direct “hands on” involvement in our activities & events throughout the year, might consider joining the club again and continuing to support the work that the club does for the Norwell community through annual membership.

If you cross paths with a prior member, we ask that you let them know about this new opportunity for support and add that …The $35 annual dues for active membership goes directly toward our efforts in providing support to local, non-profit organizations, scholarships for high school graduates, as well as instances that arise through illness or loss to families & individuals within our community.

Our goal is to have every woman in our Norwell community offer their continued support for our activities & events through annual membership in the NWC.

From NWC Member Lisa Commesso:

After 15 years as a MA DEEC Licensed Day Care Educator, I am opening my new Enrichment Play School this September! This is a hands-on enrichment program catering to children 2-5 years old.  Those getting ready for preschool to those kindergarteners who missed the full day lottery. Each day your child will receive structured activities as well as independent play. Mixed ages give the younger children a chance to learn socialization skills, while the older children learn to be great role models! Different age groups will be given appropriate projects and activities so each child has a chance to grow and learn at their own pace. Every day will be a learning experience as we are inside and outside! A walk to Jacobs Pond and the Cliff Prentiss Bridge allow for great exploring, and the soon-to-be NEW Reynolds Program is only a hop, skip and jump away! Spaces are limited to 10 children a day. Program is M-F 8:45am-11:45am with an optional lunch bunch until 12:30. An afternoon program is a possibility if interest is shown.  We also have another wonderful NWC member who has offered local transportation to and from my program if that is a need as well (transportation arrangements are separate from the play school).

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday May 27, 10am-12pm (a second June open house TBA)

Please visit my site and pass along the information to anyone you may feel would be interested. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. All contact info is on my site!

Norwell Summerfest Update from NSF Chairwoman, Kristen Jervey
Kristen Jervis: kikliskristen@hotmail.com

1. NSF Raffle

Norwell Summer Fest has decided to change course with the raffle as we cannot manage to sell 500 tickets in 3 weeks in order to make the raffle profitable. Instead, we are going to raffle off a chance to win two weeks of use of the Mini Cooper convertible for free; the dates will be the winner’s choice.

As a result of the discontinuation of the current raffle, we would like to give current raffle ticket holders 3 options:
1. Have your check/cash returned to you, or
2. Have your ticket purchase count as a donation to NSF, with a tax receipt provided, or
3. Convert each current ticket to 5 chances to win this new raffle. Raffle tickets will be $10 each.

NSF raffle representatives that sold you the raffle tickets will be reaching out to current ticket holders. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions norwellsummerfest@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support.

2. NSF Volunteers

Norwell Summer Fest needs over 100 volunteers to help at the event.   Volunteer slots are about an hour and half and we have several options.  Please consider signing up to help.  Please share this notice with friends.  All NSF volunteers will receive a t-shirt.  Thank you
Volunteers for Norwell Summer Fest