Dear NWC Members, Past Members and Potential Members:

THIS IS A…Quick & IMPORTANT Update on a few things that I think are important to share with you about the Club, what we are doing and WHY we need your dues.

Our new Treasurer is Tracey Cooke. We cannot thank Jen enough for her 8 years of service. WOW – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done.

Moving forward, kindly, please direct all financial requests to me, Abby Gray (, and Tracey Cooke, ( Tracey, as you may know, is a professional financial person and has a wonderful grasp on how to manage money and prepare budgets. While we don’t want to get “too corporate”, we want to maximize our GIVING.

As we are transitioning still (to the new executive board), we want to create a feeling of fun, while still raising money for our causes – mainly, Scholarships and Senior-related activities, The James and the Food Bank. This means that we have to meet as a Board, and as a club, more regularly.In order to contiunue to contribute to the town, we need you to join the club again, renew as an individiual or a business. The $35 and the $50 (for businesses in Norwell) allows us to give more money away. Besides our big Spring fundraiser – HOT MORROCAN NIGHTS, we rely on dues. Our Membership Team for this term is Susie Scheller and Sarah Puleo. Susie can be reached at ( and Sarah can be reached at

Alternatively, you can do like I did today (finally!), and renew at: NorwellWomensClub.orgIn 2017, we are going to dust off the “Turkey Trot” and bring that back to life! That is also a great money maker for the NWC – and in turn, the town.

We are going to go back to holding monthly executive meetings in a public venue for lunch – so that we can touch base on various projects and requests. I will talk with the Board – but expect a note about a meeting in early January. We respectfully request that all committee heads attend the first JANUARY MEETING. Additionally, if you have an event that YOU want to RUN for us, please email me so we can get you on the calendar.

Lastly, It does take a village to make all of this happen. We want to get to know you. We have created a new “Socialtini” networking night. These are purely NETWORKING and to talk about anything and everything, while meeting some new peeps or having a night out with your friends to meet others. The goal is to have fun, take the pressure off the host(s), and have a glass of whatever you want. Diana LockeSmith is heading up this effort. I brought this over from my Charlestown days. These are once a month. We kindly ask everyone to bring $5.00 and a bottle of wine. The $5.00 is for the host to minimize the cost of the evening – so one doesn’t have to worry about ordering pizza, etc. and the bottle of wine is to take the pressure off, again, so all have a drink without huge cost to the host. This is meant to be fun. We have to train ourselves, Socialtini Networking Nights = Monthly, $5.00, a bottle of wine, and who knows? Maybe a new friend, a job lead, MOM advice, etc. Diane can be reached at

Thank you for listening, reading and participating! Please JOIN today. You don’t have to commit to anything specific – but it is a great way to help us to continue to give to all of our community.

Warm regards,
Abigail Emerson Gray
NWC President