It’s going to be a great event – May 5th!

From our Chairperson:

Calling all FUN women! Our Annual Fundraiser – for the Norwell Womens Club is May 5th @ The Cushing Center! I moved here in July – and I am Chairing the event because I want(ed) to make friends and get to know the folks in this amazing community. The over-achiever in me wants to SELL out!

We are also selling magical wands (200 of them) and have a silent auction (online before event). We are looking for donations for both our wands and the auction! We want to help local kids with scholarships and our food pantry.

Please come ??? & please consider donating. I know everyone gets asked to donate – but it takes a village. For the wands, we need gift cards and items that are valued at least for $20 (can be four $5 gift cards or one $100 gift card, or a product, piece of jewelry, etc). All donating companies and businesses and people will be advertised. Reach a great demographic for your business. Online/silent auction items such a beach house for a week, an “experience”, sports tickets, dog grooming, pet sitting -etc. are sought after and oh so appreciated.

Email me at and I will make sure our donations Chair, Susan Powell, gets the information and contacts you.

Cannot wait to see you on May 5th! It will be a super fun party…hypnotist….wands….and So.Much.More! Buy your tickets today — get ready for some “salt…salt…salt”! ????? and amazing food.‪#‎cincodemayotickets‬

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Ladies Night Out Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! Buy your ticket today and mark your calendar for this fun & fabulous party.

We also need new and returning Members to join! Your $30 a year dues goes to help us fund nice things for the community — like lunch @The Counsel on Aging. If your feeling burnt out from volunteering – don’t let that stop you from becoming a member. We are doing fun and great things. Be part of our group. Come back or sign up – but join The Norwell Women’s Club. Let’s have some fun and do some good and do what you can when you can. ? ‪#‎nopressure‬